Investment Management

What value can a fiduciary-focused financial professional provide for an investor? They can help an investor interpret today’s financial climate, determine objectives, and assess progress toward those goals.

No investor is infallible. Investors can feel that way during a great market year, when every decision seems to work out well. In long bull markets, investors risk becoming overconfident. The big-picture narrative of Wall Street can be forgotten, along with the reality that the market has occasional bad years. A good financial professional helps a committed investor and retirement saver stay on track.

This is what we do. We help our clients set a course for the long term, based on a defined investment policy and target asset allocations with an eye on major financial goals.

Tactical management portfolios are designed to help investors during major market downturns while also enabling them to participate when markets are trending higher.

These portfolios should be viewed as a risk management approach rather than a market timing approach, and is not a market timing strategy that seeps to sell at all-time-highs and purchase at all-time-lows.

By employing this strategy, clients are able to reduce portfolio risk without being forced to use traditional bond-equity combinations.

Our strategic portfolio series gives you choices when it comes to passive and active management.

Strategic portfolios use fundamental analytics to properly allocated based upon Modern Portfolio Theory and macroeconomics. The combination influences slight allocation shifts to optimize the risk/return expectation of the portfolio. Quarterly re-balances are performed to keep the portfolio drifting away from the portfolio objectives.

Stock options are a great incentive and benefit for employees who are able to purchase them. However, the complexities of how stock options work, how they can be exercised and how taxation applies – can be very overwhelming.

We help investors understand the details of their specific type of stock option, including various tax issues that may arise with this benefit. Additionally, we can help build a strategy that fits with your specific case and within your overall investment plan.